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(Don't Assume, Just Ask) of Cincinnati, Ohio

Don't Assume, Just Ask of Cincinnati, Ohio
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Hello and welcome to DAJA (Don't Assume, Just Ask)'s weblog.

As stated in our mission statement/constitution, our group serves as an advocate related to disability related issues. Our goal is to raise awareness around Cincinnati and elsewhere. This group encourages all persons who are really sincere in their aims and goals about this group to become active participants in the activities throughout our communities.

As it stands, we are a failing group and this is our last grasp at real publicity.

If any of you would like to join who would like to see the facts about Disability raised and its awareness raised, please try and join this group and the moderator ( "jorenthecole") at this time will try to process all requests in good working order.

Thank you and have a nice day.

-the current moderator, "jorenthecole"