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welcome to DAJA; please enjoy your stay...

For those of you interested, this is a community that is a disability related advocacy group.

I, jorenthecole, as moderator, would very much care that the discussion be specifically related to something disability related, but, if there is something about Cincinnati, Ohio that would be of use to get our name out there, such as a community help-out or the like, that is well permitted, too.

However, if through discourse with one JorentheCole, the community would like to grow into a social group that talks about other things that are not disability related, i.e. what you ate for a meal, what you think of your (non-existant) significant other, why you failed that test or failed to show up for a job interview based on something that could not be construed as disability related, such as depression for that last one..or any number of the above ones (which really cancels out all the above non-disability related ones, so nevermind)....

anyway, stuff that Could be talked about but not be construed as sexual harrasment or anything illegal, such as...well, we'll see how things go, k?

After all, this Is supposed to be a support group, is it not?

However, as moderator, I reserve the right to put a brake on certain people's thoughts, patterns, and ways of posting (such as content, if I deem it offensive); however, if one of the other members complain to me and I ask all other members save the offending one that something is offensive, I will confront this offending individual and may give him a warning or see why they did what they did and make my judgement from that.

What you might expect to see here are not only wordy posts from our members, but also links to flyers that I have linked to my account on for the general public.


That's just dumb.

I'll make a new account there strictly for this group for all to see.

there. It's settled, I guess.

anyway, I hope that all of you will enjoy this group and perhaps even being a part of what goes on, because I hope that this group can and will make a difference in the realm of disability advocacy in and around Cincinnati, Ohio.

Thank you for your time and good day/night and good bye.

-moderator ( lj user: jorenthecole )...
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