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an e-mail from Chuck deciding on if we are having a meeting this week...:


Chuck can probably explain it better than I can.

dated monday, November 1st at 9:09 a.m. :


Meeting this Friday? Hmmmmmmm.............

Well I just got in contact with the Women's Center on campus about
sexual assault awareness week and our possible involvement. So I am
waiting to hear from them to make sure we have a spot on their
calendar. I wasn't sure whether they wanted us to go through them
for scheduling the time for the event or what so I sent them an

I am hoping they tell me that they want us and when is the best time
then we can schedule our event and we can do that ASAP. The week is
the week of the 15th so I hope we still have time to find a room to
hold the event.

Whatever happens will determine whether we really need to have one
or not. So let everyone know if you could that is still pending
waiting on an answer from the UC Women's Center. Because if we are
able to do a program we need to discuss the logistics of it all.

So let everyone know and I will either call you or email you to tell
you what is going on.


Chuck Means (Curly) "
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